Hip Pain

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Addressing Hip Pain at the Source

Hip pain can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially when it occurs on a daily basis. Conventionally, it requires long-term pain control if the root cause of the problem is not treated. Hip surgery for hip replacement and hip resurfacing are often the only treatment options offered to a patient dealing with debilitating hip pain.

The hips and knees support your body weight for walking and moving about, providing stability and mobility. Injury, arthritic change, or general pain at the hips or knees can keep your joints from working normally and limit your ability to function in life. Hip pain can also result in a lack of mobility, muscle weakness, the inability to bear weight, and difficulty rising from a chair.

Whatever your hip pain symptoms are, we have all-natural, effective pain relief options that can help you move the way you want to.

Hip surgeries are normally traumatic and require lengthy a rehabilitation period. Patients often have to deal with pain and discomfort for months while trying to restore strength and mobility. At Fusion Medical Center, we encourage our patients to recover from their pain as soon as possible.

How We Serve

We serve our community by helping alleviate a multitude of chronic pain and degenerative joint disorders using cutting-edge therapeutic practices.

Our mission at Fusion Medical Center is simple: Change the lives of our patients by providing an integrative, holistic approach to healing.

We are passionate about caring for our patients who, until now, were not able to find answers and treatments for their underlying health issues.


Before my treatment, I was in a lot of pain when I’m driving the car, getting out of the car, getting up in the morning, going to the bathroom– almost every activity– even sleeping. I had to lay a certain way and it just got to the point where whatever would take to get rid of the pain I did. My pain was between an eight and a nine—[after treatment] my pain is now between a two and three! When you’re tired of the pain, come here!

- Mr. Walter


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